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Renewable energy and smart building technology

In our energy-conscious operation, we also focus on the use of renewable energy sources and cost-effective intelligent energetics systems as.

Such as:

  • solar energy for heating and / or hot water production
  • solar energy for electricity production
  • Wastewater heat utilization with heat pump for heating and cooling
  • Intelligent building control

We make suggestions for our partners to plan, implement and operate renewable energetics systems, provide full technical support from the preparation of the possible application to the operation.




    Auguszta Hotel Zrt. 5 apartment buildings: design, construction and operation of a total of 148 solar water collectors for hot water production.
    Debreceni Egyetem Élettudományi Épület és Könyvtár Intelligens, jelenlétre és belső levegő minőségre (CO2-re) történő, légtechnikai szabályozás kialakítása, üzemeltetése.