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Thermographic inspections

With our professional Testo 885 thermocamera, we give you a complete thermographic overview of your building and industrial applications, which our experts will analyze and report in detail, as necessary, to save energy.


Building Structure

  • Heat loss of walls, floors, roof structures, thermal insulation
  • Mapping of heat losses due to thermal bridges
  • Testing of air tightness of doors and windows
  • Identifying possible condensation, humidity areas in order to prevent the evolving of mold
  • Identifying areas of soak

Mechanical and electrical systems


  • Radiators, underfloor heating, testing surface heating (heat transfer uniformity, calibration deficiencies, airy system, overheating/under heating or abnormal flow rate and direction)

  • Mapping of hidden pipeline routes, their insulation, possible leaks, fractures (heating, cooling, water, channel)

  • Exploring abnormal operation of other mechanical system components (circulating pump, heat exchanger, hot water storage)

  • Electrical switchboards, their wiring (overheated cable, loose connections, hot spots)

Industrial thermography

Checking the manufacturing processes of production plants with a thermocamera, which reveals anomalies and imperfections, before an irreversible failure or a flammable situation. Machines, equipment, and parts are reviewed contactless, so they do not require a downtime of the factory to save money and time with a safe review.