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Complex Energy Performance Review

Our energy services include a complex energy review, which will help to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings used by our partners, thus promoting environmental sustainability. During the audit, our specialists visit the building on several occasions. We get to know the building's features, how it is used, and eventually any problems. We suggest the right, energy-conscious operation and make a development action plan.

Our mission is to minimize the energy consumption of the building while providing the same comfort and consistency.

The result depends on the age of the building, its current status and operation, energy awareness  and energy consciousness at the time of design.


Steps and content of the energy review

  • Detailed status. Identification of existing energy consumption systems, consumption rates, status.
  • Examination the exterior building structure, building technology systems with a thermocamera.
  • Examination the effectiveness of existing building engineering, electrical and other energy systems.
  • Detailed energy-related usage patterns of the building users.
  • Finding Losses (Conclusions of the previous points) their size and way.
  • Preparing development suggestions with estimated cost, savings and payback time calculation.
  • Preparing an energy conscious operation proposal.


Since 2013, UNISZOL ZRt. has introduced the MSZ EN ISO 50001: 2012 Energy Management System to ensure that we are truly committed to minimizing energy consumption for ourselves and our partners.

Advantages of MSZ EN ISO 50001: 2012 Energy Management System according to the Hungarian Standards Board:

  • Decreasing energy consumption, lower energy costs
  • Better business performance
  • Safer energy supply
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Integration with other management (quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management) systems
  • Rising corporate prestige, growing competitive advantage, more motivated employees


References for Complex Energy Performance Review

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Based on our experience, up to 5-15% energy-saving is possible without any investment by just implement energy-efficiency operations.