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Energy Performance Certificates

Complex Energy Performance Review


Thermographic inspections


According to government regulation 176/2008. (VI.30.)  the energy certification of a building is mandatory in the following cases

  • constructing a new building
  • in case of an existing building (stand-alone unit, apartment, house):
  • transfer (sale) of property or
  • rental for more than one year
  • In case of more than 1,000 m2 usable area for official purpose, state-owned public-use building

The certified number of the completed certificate must indicated on the given contract (sale and purchase, lease), so the transaction cannot be executed without it.


An exception to this are (cases where no certificate needed)

  • a building with a useful floor area of less than 50 m2 (not the floor space of the apartment, but the floor space of the building must be taken into account! For example, in the case of a 35 sqm condominium or panel flat, certification is mandatory)
  • a building intended for use less than 4 months a year;
  • a building designed for use up to 2 years;
  • a building for religious purposes;
  • a building declared to be protected by law, (protected by monumental, local architectural value protection);
  • for agricultural purposes;
  • buildings for which the internal heat gain from the technology is greater than 20 W / m3 during the period of intended use or more than 20 times the air change during the heating season - typically industrial buildings, factories;
  • workshop buildings;
  • air-inflated or tensioned tent structures for extended human stay.

About the certificate itself. How does it look like? What does it contain? Who can prepare it?

The certificate provides information on the expected annual energy consumption of the building based on the state of the building (e.g. thermal insulation, heating system, heat losses). This index shows the building’s annual energy demand per square metre (kWh/sqm). During the certification process, the certifier examines the building in detail on the basis of plans and / or site visits, its function, structure, orientation, thermal insulation, heating, hot water, ventilation, lighting, or energy bills. On the basis of the recorded data, the certificate is produced due to a complicated calculation method.

  • Completed certificate will be uploaded to an online database and a paper copy will remain with you. The certificate is valid for 10 years.
  • Certification can be issued by certifiers registered by the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers or the Chamber of Hungarian Architects.
  • The energetic experts of our company have the necessary authorizations, so you will receive official and valid documents from us.