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Air duct cleaning

We offer professional air duct cleaning services, with our own technologies


Air duct cleaning is a mandatory task, as required by law,

National Fire Protection Regulations 54/2014. (XII.5.) BM Decree 196 §. (5): The central ventilation system of the residential building with the highest use level above 14 meters and the restaurant's ventilation (smoke extractor) system must be cleaned defined by the manufacturer, in the absence of it, in the residential building every 3 year, in case of restaurants every half year.

In addition to requirements by the law we consider regular cleaning of the ventilation ducts on the following grounds

The quality of the air in the workplace is an important parameter of the environment in terms of hygiene and comfort. The subsidence of contaminations in ventilation systems facilitates evolving numerous disease-causing bacteria colonization. The condition of the air supplied by such ducts deteriorates significantly, thus reducing not only the comfort but also increasing the health risk.
Contaminations deposit in the ducts not only impair the quality of the air, but also reduce the life of the system and have an adverse effect on energy consumption. Due to the dirt deposited, the volume flow is reduced. Increasing air resistance results loss of performance and increased maintenance and energy costs.


Cleaning of dusty air ducts of factories, office buildings, panel buildings with a dry brush process

A special rotary brush does the cleaning of the air duct section. A high-performance air extraction is used simultaneously to remove dusty dirt.


Cleaning of kitchen air ducts, suction hoods and air handling machines in a mechanical-chemical way

Grease-oily, flue and dust deposits located in kitchen exhaust ducts are not only harmful to health but also flammable. The airflow in the duct network increases the spread of fire, expose the building to high risk. Recently, in many cases, firefighters had to intervene in curbing fire in a restaurant exhaust duct.

The most important task of all to avoid the risk of fire, protecting human life and the security of the property.

In the first step, the special cleaner uses a mechanical rotary grease brush and a foamed grease remover on the inner surface of the duct. After that another brush cleaning and rinsing is done simultaneously.

UNISZOL ZRt. uses its own technology to perform duct cleaning work in both dusty and kitchen grease ducts. Our company uses the ventilation system cleaning technology developed by LIFA-AIR® and it’s compound.

Our specially developed equipment is suitable for dry, chemical cleaning and disinfection process.

The cleaning process done by our experienced employees, in addition to supervision is carried out, keeping the work- and health protection in mind. Since each duct network is a uniquely designed system, the cleaning process will be developed individually. Before the actual process, an on-site health check is required to determine the access points for the air duct to be cleaned, the location of the mounting holes and the individual cleaning plan. All checks are photo documented, which is free for all of our customers. When the air duct cleaning is finished, we also certify the completion of the work with photographic documentation.

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