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About us

We sincerely welcome you on behalf of all our employees.
Please allow us to introduce our company, UNISZOL-Facility Management Ltd.


The start of our business in 2005 was justified by the changed market requirements and the more and more complex and difficult tasks in the field of facility management. In response to these market challenges, a Hungarian company which had entirely Hungarian founders has been built that meets the expectations of the commercial, industrial, budget and municipal sectors in every respect. Thanks to the qualifications of our specialists and our beneficial organizational structure, we meet the highest customer expectations, whether it is the technical operation of a scientific research institute or the cleaning of a municipal kindergarten. This is also supported by our integrated management system, which enables us to provide quality services in all segments of facility management.


Our services

UNISZOL-Facility Management Ltd. provides full service - nationwide - in the field of operation, which includes the technical support, ie operation and maintenance of mechanical, strong and weak power systems, the monthly inspection of the structure of buildings and the cleaning, horticulture, guarding, laundry service and any additional activities that are essential for intelligent facility management. Our company also provides a full range of swimming pool, spa and water park maintenance and energetics services.

Every employee of the UNISZOL-Facilitymanagement Ltd. is constantly striving to preserve and improve the quality of our services. To do this, our company has an integrated management system that meets following standards: MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015, MSZ 28001:2008 and ISO 50001:2011 Our integrated management system is developed and operated in close cooperation with internationally recognized audit organizations.


Our mission

Our company's mission is to provide quality and cost effective services in the entire area of facility management and building maintenance. Our activities are well organized and cost-effective, we are taking account of the environmental and social guidelines.


Collaboration with our partners

UNISZOL Facility Management Ltd. works with several partners in the trade field, with budget and municipal institutions, and with industrial facility managers.

Our accelerated world puts new demands on the economy. The effective corporate management and corporate governance requires that the tasks associated with building operation, maintenance, surveillance and cleaning performed by companies led by qualified experts. UNISZOL-Facility Management Ltd. has gained considerable experience in complex building management. Our staff is also able to operate buildings with high technical content, complex and complicated activities. These facilities include swimming pools, scientific research institutes, sports and industrial facilities.

Our company successfully manages the total or partial real estate of several municipalities, and real estates operated by the Klebelsberg Institution Maintenance Center. In the recent years, our specialists have succeeded in proving that it is more profitable for a budgetary institution to outsource all of its cleaning and technical operations, as the reduction of normative support can only cover cost-effective solutions. UNISZOL Facilitymanagement Ltd. offers a stable and reliable solution for budget institutions that helps to meet building management obligations effectively.


The organizational structure of our company

The organizational structure of UNISZOL Facility Management Ltd. is a divisional structure which is the characteristic of modern companies. The reason for this is based on the mission of our company, ie to provide quality and cost-effective services. When we choose our future employees, we set high expectations and place a particular emphasis on problem solving. Customer Buildings are handled by dedicated project managers with an ownership approach who will find the most favorable solutions proposed by the customer and the company.

UNISOL with his - Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Technical Officer and the Service Business Unit Manager, as well as project managers, mobile servicemen, are able to solve any kind of complex tasks.


Focus on People

From the very first minute of the establishment of UNISZOL-Facility Management Ltd., high attention was paid to the realization of equal opportunities and human treatment within the company. Our employees include workers with disabilities. All employees are continuously involved in work and fire protection and accident prevention trainings, as well as in technology, quality and environmental trainings. All of our employees work in the workwear with the company logo.

During our day-to-day activities, we care increased about health and training of our employees. Our company has successfully won the TÁMOP 6.1.2. and the TAMOP 2.1.3 training program.


Implementation of Facility Management principles

Nowadays, building management has become a real science. During the practical implementation of the results of the newest research of Facility Management, our specialists are constantly striving for cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. Practical experience shows that using these tools leads to cost savings between 10 and 40%. In order for these research results to be applied on a daily basis, our employees receive regular training through various educational programs. In the course of implementing the principles of FM, our company is open to all kind of innovative solutions that serve our customers' satisfaction.