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About us

We sincerely welcome you on behalf of all our employees. Please allow us to introduce our company, UNISZOL-Facility Management Ltd.

The start of our business in 2005 was justified by the changed market requirements and the more and more complex and difficult tasks in the field of facility management. In response to these market challenges, a Hungarian company which had entirely Hungarian founders has been built that meets the expectations of the commercial, industrial, budget and municipal sectors in every respect. Thanks to the qualifications of our specialists and our beneficial organizational structure, we meet the highest customer expectations, whether it is the technical operation of a scientific research institute or the cleaning of a municipal kindergarten. This is also supported by our integrated management system, which enables us to provide quality services in all segments of facility management.

Our services

UNISZOL-Facility Management Ltd. provides full service - nationwide - in the field of operation, which includes the technical support, ie operation and maintenance of mechanical, strong and weak power systems, the monthly inspection of the structure of buildings and the cleaning, horticulture, guarding, laundry service and any additional activities that are essential for intelligent facility management. Our company also provides a full range of swimming pool, spa and water park maintenance and energetics services....

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ISO 50001   ISO 14001   ISO 9001