During our energy conscious operational activity we put great emphasis on applying renewable energy resources and cost effective intelligent energetics systems. 

These are:

utilisation of solar power by sun collectors, for heating and making hot water 

utilisation of solar power by solar panel for producing electrical power

sewage heat utilisation by heatpump for heating and cooling

intelligent building construction regulation


We provide suggestions for our partners about the possibilities, we design, create and operate the renewable energy resource systems and provide full-scale technical support from the making of the possible tender until operation.



Auguszta Hotel Plc. – designing, manufacturing and operating 148 sun collectors for making hot water on 5 apartment buildings

Life Science Building and Library at the University of Debrecen – developing and operating an intelligent ventilation control reacting to presence and internal air quality (CO2)

2. Heavy and weak current systems


0.4 kV electrical network distribution devices

10 kV electrical network distribution devices

Outdoor lighting networks

Revision of shielding from contact and from lightning

24-hour technical duty

Weak current systems

Fire alarm networks

Structured networks

Intrusion detection systems

Video surveillance systems

Access control systems

Education technology

Audio systems


3. Mechanical systems

Heating systems, caloric centres

Cooling and air-conditioning systems

Ventilation systems

Water and sewage networks

Vacuum systems

Compressed air systems

Gas supply systems

Elevators, escalators and lifting equipments

Sewage pumping stations

Boiler houses

Building management and automatics systems

Extinguishing systems

24-hour technical duty

technological systems

clean space technology


4. Warden’s operation



Snow clearance and adapting for winter use

Security and safeguarding, reception service, handling switchboards

Gardening, park maintenance


24-hour duty

Alpine technique services

Handling of selective waste

Cleaning of vehicles

Terminating insects and rodents