Personal Automotive Lifting Cart with Platform

The TEUPEN LEO 18 GT is a multi-functional, caterpillar, lifting cart with platform which can be used as a full-featured machine outdoors (it can move on any platforms, it moves and turns easily), on the other hand beacuse of its small size it can beasily taken to halls, churches, malls and other buildings to do indoor work (thanks to the distribution of surface pressure it protects the cover from injuries and the white rubber does not leave a mark on the ground). It can turn to 355 degrees which enables an optimum access to any working site. In the working platform two people can work simultaneously. One of the main advantages of TEUPEN LEO 18 GT is its small size, it can go through a 80x200 cm door still its working height is 18 metres. The platform is light, it can be taken off the machine very fast and in a simple way. Thanks to its caterpillar it can navigate even on uneven, boggy ground and on gradient surfaces. It can be fixed easily and in a stable way for transport.

Other advantages:

compact execution

all functions can be controlled stepless

adjustable caterpillar width and height

big side reach: 7.6 m

robust structure

230 V connection possibility in the platform

all functions can be controlled from the platform

detachable platform