The integrated management policy of UNISZOL – Facility management Plc.

UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. declares its commitment to keep and fulfill the quality, environmenal, energy management and work safety requirements related to its service sas well as the legal and official regulations and standards and other obligations undertaken.

It declares its commitment to prevent environmental pollution, injuries and damage to health as well as to continuously develop its energy efficiency and performance.

It is a definite purpose of UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. to fulfill a defining and guiding role in the region within its scope of activities – full scale operation and maintenance of facilities. 

In order to maintain and continuously strengthen the high standard towards the customers it operates an integrated management system which was created by the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005, MSZ 28001:2008 and MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012 standards and certified by an independent organisation and it is being improved continuously.


In order to acheieve the goals drawn up in our strategic target system all employees of the Company have to actively participate thus it is highly important to create a quality -, environemntal -, energy – as well as healthy and safe work centred view of the employees and continually improve it.

In sync with the EU requirements in order to fulfill the growing quality and environmental protection, safety and healthy working conditions we pay great attention to

  • using modern machines and technologies
  • improving the standard of work culture and
  • keeping it on a high level by establishing an integrated system and operating it.


On the basis of the afore-mentioned I declare the integrated management documentation and integrated system coming into effect.


Debrecen, 01.09.2014                                                     

József Rácskai




Energy policy of UNISZOL – Facility management Plc.

The energy management system created according to the MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012 standard obliges UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. to move towards an energy planning based on low energy consumption and on a safe, competitive and more sustainable energy.


In order to achieve this

  • we wish to to reduce energy consumption
  • by searching and applying energy efficient technologies
  • optimising energy consumption
  • by creating modern appliances, regulations, guidelines
  • we redeem the use of fossil energy by renewable energy
  • with solar panel lighting
  • searching for alternative energy sources
  • and applying those in our own appliances
  • we give professional support to our partners
  • by evolving energy effective projects
  • applying tender possibilities
  • ensuring continuous regulatory compliance.


We would like to emerge from the market environment by continuous improvement in order to achieve sustainable development. 


Debrecen, 01.09.2014    

József Rácskai