We would like to welcome you on behalf of all our colleagues. Let us introduce our company Uniszol – Facility Management Plc.  in a few words.


The establishment of our company in 2005 was justified by the changed market expectations and the appearance of more complicated and complex tasks in the field of facility management. As an an answer to these market challanges we managed to establish a 100% Hungarian company which meets all the requirements of the commercial, industrial, budgetary and self-governmental sector. Thanks to the expertise of our colleagues and our organisational structure we can satisfy the highest customer expectations be it the technical operation of a scientific research institute or the cleaning of a self-governmental kindergarten. This purpose is helped by the introduction of the integrated quality management system with the help of which we can provide quality services in all segments of facility management.

Our activity

UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. offers a full range of services – nationwide – in the field of operation which includes technical operation, the operation and maintenance of mechanical, heavy – and weak – current systems, the monthly control of the structure of buildings and also the cleaning, the gardening, guarding, laundry service and any other additional activities which are vital part of intelligent facility management. Our company’s range of activity also includes the full operation of swimming pools, thermal baths and spas as well as energetics services.

All colleagues of UNISZOL – Facility managment Plc. are striving to keep and develop the standard of services. With that in mind our company applies an integrated management system whcih was created by the standards of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, MSZ 28001:2008 and ISO 50001:2011. We develop and operate our integrated management system with the close cooperation of internationally renowned audit companies.

UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. also operates prioritised properties which means that our company on the basis of the Decree 218/2011 14th paragraph meets the requirements of national security.

Our mission

The mission of our company is to offer quality and cost-effective services in the fields of facility management and facility maintenance. This activity is done and organised in a well-organised and cost-effective way keeping in mind and fully considering the environmental guidelines and the social expectations. 

Cooperation with our partners

Our company works together with a lot of partners in the fields of trade, budgetary and self-governemntal institutes and maintainers of industrual facilities. Our accelarated world creates new demands towards the economic players. The efficient company organisation and company management require comapnies which are led by skilled experts to manage the tasks connected to maintenance, guarding and cleaning. During the operation of UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. the company has gained significant experiences in the field of complex facility managment. Our colleagues are able to operate efficiently those facilities which have high technical content and the activities performed there are complex and complicated. These facilities include among others swimming pools, scientific research institutes, sports and industrial facilities. 

Our company successfully operates the full or partial property stock of self-governments and properties which are operated by the Klebelsberg Institute Management Centre. Our experts managed to prove in the last years that for a publicly fianced institution it is more remunerative to outsource the full cleaning amd technical maintenance tasks since the constriction of normative support can only cover the cost-effective solutions. UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. offers stable and reliable solution alternatives for budgetary institutions which help to efficiently meet the demands of facility management commitments. 

The organisational structure of our company

The organisational structure of UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. is a divisional structure characteristic of modern enterprises. The reason of such structure establishment can be found in the wording of our company mission i.e. offering quality and cost-effective services. During our recruiting process we establish high standards towards the candidates and we put a great emphasis on problem-solving skills. Our clients properties are dealt with by the appointed project managers who find during their work within the frames of ownership approach the most advantageous solutions by the customer and the company. Our company is able to solve tasks of all levels of difficulties by the CEO, the financial director, the technical director, and the warden’s office leader as well as project managers and mobile mechanic pairs.  

The human in the centre

Since the first minute of the establishment of UNISZOL – Facility management Plc. equal opportunities have received great attention to create human treatment within the company. Among our colleagues we have people with disabilities. Our workers continually take part in industrial safety trainings as well as fire and accident prevention trainings and technological, quality management and environmental trainings. All our employees do their jobs in work clothes marked with our company logo.  

During our daily activities we pay great attention to sanitary regulations and training courses for our employees. Our company has been awarded tenders for TÁMOP 6.1.2. health programme and TÁMOP 2.1.3. training programme. 

Realising facility management principles

Facility management has become a real discipline by now. During the practical application of the research results of facility managment our experts continuously aspire to use cost-effective and energetically favorable solutions. The practical experiences show that by using these methods we can achieve 10-40% savings. To apply these research results on a daily basis our colleagues take part in regular trainings which are realised through diffeent forms of education programmes. By realising the principles of facility management our company is open to such innovative solutions which serve the satisfaction of our customers.

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